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Let it Snow (makes 1 litre of snow) by Huckleberry

Let it Snow (makes 1 litre of snow) by Huckleberry

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Our instant snow has to be seen to be believed! 1 packet makes 1 litre of realistic, cool, flurry snow. Just add water and watch the snow grow before your eyes!

You will love the feel and touch and the possibilities are endless - you can use the snow for play, a decorative effect or Christmas, put it in the freezer for 45- 60 minutes and you can make snowmen! This listing is for 1 packet of snow that will make 1 litre once water is added.

Please note that a random cover design will be selected for you.

If you would like bigger quantities, we have 5 and 10 litre packs. Note that this product is not suitable for children under the age of 4. 

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