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Little Bud Kids Spin-and-read CVC

Little Bud Kids Spin-and-read CVC

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Spin-and-Read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) word builder blocks are inspired by the Montessori educational philosophy that children learn best when given the opportunity for hands-on, multi-sensory self-directed exploration. These educational blocks are a foundational Montessori material that not only introduces reading through letter blending and rhyming, but encourages learning through independent play and self-empowerment.


Each of the 5 wooden rods features one vowel and a set of consonants that rotate. Children can discover how they can control words through manipulating these blocks, thus allowing them to see words transform such as changing CAT < HAT and HAT < BAG.



TEACHES READING: Children are introduced to reading and simple 3-letter CVC words through this tactile, movable CVC phonics toy. The set creates 60+ real and common words plus much more for further decoding practice.


SELF-DIRECTED & SELF-CORRECTIVE: Complete with a set of 30 game flashcards that grow with the beginner reader. The flashcards are double-sided, boundable, multi-purpose, and heavy duty. They are designed to engage readers of all levels. One side of the flashcards features a picture with the corresponding word, while the other side features just a picture. This self-corrective feature allows children to learn independently.


TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Compact with bounded flashcards & a travel tote bag = the perfect on-the-go toddler toy.


GIFTABLE & COMPREHENSIVE: Storage gift box + 26 pages of downloadable CVC worksheets + phonics game ideas


ECO-FRIENDLY & DURABLE:  Made with durable & sustainable solid German beech wood, a hardwood that will keep its shape and beauty for years.


SAFE & NON-TOXIC: 3rd-party certified to meet and exceed all US Toy Safety Regulations (ASTM-F963 and CA Prop 65). Our Spin-and-Read Blocks use non-toxic paint & finishing and are free from harmful metals or chemicals.






Little Bud Kids Spin-and-Read manipulative alphabet blocks are the only all-in-one wooden phonetic reading blocks on the market. We provide all you need to get started for your pre-k child or kindergartener - from alphabet letter sound guides to bonus downloadable reading and writing worksheets and phonic activities for your 3, 4, 5, and 6-year-old. Get your portable, Montessori movable alphabet set today!






Carefully selected letter combinations maximize the # of modern English CVC words. Our goal is to teach both common words + advanced vocabulary, while avoiding the # of obsolete words.

Traditional print allows the beginner reader to confidently build upon existing letter recognition.

Large & smooth beveled-edge blocks for ultimate comfort and safety.

Real-life image flashcards & our animal alphabet card provide a real understanding of the world. These supplementary materials allow children to engage in self-correction from letter sounds to spelling.

Save prep time and eliminate the need to create your own single-use phonics material.

Travel tote bag & secured flash cards for learning in the car, airplane, doctor's office, and restaurant!

Forget the plastic! Take care of the earth by choosing sustainably-harvested wooden toys that extend past the life of many plastic toys. We choose beech wood for its hardiness and beauty.





5 wooden phonetic reading block rods each with 1 featured vowel

1 set of 30 double-sided flashcards bounded by a removable metal ring

1 travel tote bag

1 gift-ready reusable storage Box

1 alphabet chart + play ideas card

** Access to 26 pages of bonus downloadable worksheets + reading and playing tips **

Safety tested in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 8124





The best way to hold the reading blocks is to hold two adjacent blocks in place with one hand while the other hand turns the remaining block. Holding the blocks like this will keep them in place while children create new words. While the rods can be held by the end balls, the end balls are mainly designed to keep the blocks together on the rod. Since our blocks are made with completely solid wood, versus MDF or plastic, there will be natural variations to the cut of each individual block and how it fits together with its partnering blocks.

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