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Sensory rice

Sensory rice

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My Calm Corner Sensory Rice is an open-ended product that provides an engaging, mindful and sensory experience for all ages. Our Sensory Rice is a helpful grounding tool for regulation, whilst also encouraging imaginative and exploratory play. Being an open-ended product, Sensory Rice provides infinite ways to play. From scooping and transferring to mixing and inventing, Sensory Rice can be used in so many fun ways.

Why do we love Sensory Rice?

We love that Sensory Rice creates endless play possibilities! Sensory Rice is a great way for little ones to use their imagination and play in a way that interests them. Sensory Rice can be used with a range of tools including scoops, cups, and other accessories or household items to encourage further play and learning. When playing with our Sensory Rice children are encouraged to develop their creativity and imagination whilst building on skills such as fine motor, hand-eye coordination, language, literacy and social skills. Not only does Sensory Rice promote playfulness and exploration, but it is also a helpful tool for calming and emotion regulation.

What’s Included?

This includes 1 x 450g bag of our Rainbow Sensory Rice. Instructions and information card also included.

More Information:

Our Sensory Rice is handmade to order with high quality ingredients. My Calm Corner Sensory is non-toxic, but is not made for consumption. Our Sensory Rice is not recommended for children under 3 years of age, or children who still mouth items. Supervision is required at all times. My Calm Corner Sensory Rice is handmade to order, colour may vary slightly. When stored correctly in an airtight container, in a cool dry place, your playdough will last 6-12 months, depending on how it used. 
Ingredients: long grain rice, vinegar, food colour and essential oils

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