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Water Marbles (colour themed) - 1 bottle by Huckleberry

Water Marbles (colour themed) - 1 bottle by Huckleberry

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Just add water and watch the Water Marbles grow in size! Our Water Marbles come in a variety of colours and once grown, you can keep your Water Marbles in an airtight container for weeks or they can be rehydrated once they are dehydrated. And we're the only brand in Australia that has GLITTER marbles in our colour mixes!

Our Water Marbles are biodegradable and each bottle contains approximately 13g of Water Marbles. All our Water Marbles are packed right here in Australia.

Pick from our large selection of mixed colour themes.

Please note that this contains small parts and therefore, should be kept out of the reach of children under 4. The marbles present a choking hazard and should not be consumed. Please supervise use at all times. 

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